What happened yesterday in technology?


A new app using Big Data possibilities is going to use the information users give in order to measure and understand earthquakes. This is aiming to help governments to prevent possible disaster by analyzing thousands of data from the app.

The demand for qualified people to work as CDO’s and CIO’s is going to grow this year. Companies are deciding to use Big Data solutions and this will only succeed if there is a help from within the company itself.


Harvard University researchers have worked more than two decades in the developing of technology for the analysis and cure of diabetes. Important devises designed to measure levels of sugar and other important facts are now a reality.

Scientists have discovered for the first time the predicted gravitational waves. It is an amazing discovery for it proves the reality of Albert Einstein’s theories about the behavior of space and time and also gives some new lights on investigations about the origin of the Universe.


A new way of getting a prosthesis is now available. Children can build their own prosthesis using lego chips. It is a way of encourage them to develop their creativity for their own good. It has won several prices all over the world.

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