What happened yesterday in technology?


Researchers in Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center at North Carolina have developed the way of using 3D printers for making live tissues objects. They have implanted these printed objects in animals with good results, and have also printed human parts, as ears, and are willing to try them in humans..

SIM chips are going to get virtual. Physical SIM chips will be no longer the way of storing the information in cellphones. The development of virtual SIM’s is going to introduce cellphone’s information into what is now being called the Internet of Things. It will probably be launched in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Car races are going to be changed for drone races. In different countries drones are being used for speed competitions, and it will probably expand to other parts in the world. There are already teams that are making up the official rules for this new sport, and trying to get it official by organizing clubs and leagues.

ECM solutions continue to grow in popularity. These tools, made for helping to deal with the information issues that Big Data has brought along such as the variety of data, the speed needed for using it right, and the he amount of it, are now in many managers’ plans to optimizing their companies results.


- dexon

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