What happened yesterday in technology?


A new intelligent toilet has been shown in the last CES in Las Vegas. Is a new device you only need to clean once in a year. It cleans itself and maintains a parasite and bacterial protection using ultraviolet light. It also used electrolyzed water to keep it safe from any microorganism that is staying there.

The company Neura has developed a new technology for information protection. It tracks all the information that is running through the smartphone and use to tell its user all the movements he or she has done during the day. It also is willing to unify this information in a single channel for avoiding information leakage.


Panasonic showed new designs of past technologies: Technics turntables, the device used for playing vinyl records has returned to the company’s catalogue, of course with totally new technological features and a better sound quality. It is made for lovers of classic music players and DJ’s.

Digitsole is now selling Smartshoes, with a toe warming system, a step counter and a powerful lamp for night walks.


- dexon

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