Samsung used the past Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, to show its new models of smartphones. The Galaxy S7 with its 3,600-mAh battery, has a curved screen that support quad HD resolution.

New smartphones will be designed with virtual reality devices. Samsung and Apple are heading this new technology innovation with their new models. It is expected that in a near future everybody will communicate with virtual reality.


A recent scandal has happened again in the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. A hacking attack provoked several damages in the functioning of IT equipment. They had to pay approximately US$17,000 to regain the normal behavior.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) tools have regain an interest for its functionalities on information management. The growing of Big Data possibilities have made these tools to have new investors and new developers as well.


Flying trains will be developed by different companies, especially in Asia. Using magnetic capabilities they will design trains that will travel suspended in the air and that will not have the problems of wasted energy in friction.

- dexon

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