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Recently, a new investigation has shown interesting results on what are the kind of practices that are giving the most important results by the use of digital technology. These are practices that take technology but use it in ways that are surprising to most of us.

‘Gartner’s 2016 CIO Survey revealed five key innovation practices that deliver the highest improvement in digital performance. Interestingly, CIOs also indicated that these five practices were the least used.’ What are these practices very little known but so powerful that bring the best improvement? We will mention four of them.

Sharing responsibilities with startups: the communication skills that information technology has brought can put us in touch with almost anybody. From this perspective, we need to use this wide communication in the best way to get improvement for our own business.

The first use that some companies are doing is to communicate and collaborate with startup companies. This is an interchange as long as the smaller company will learn from the bigger one, and this last can use their strengths to improve process within.

Continual research: technology can be used to predict different state of things. This prediction abilities can be used to achieve a perspective of the future developments of products. So the use of digital technology has been put into the innovation processes.

Innovation is a key for the improvement of any business. We know that there where the innovation is missing there is a solidification of processes and ideas, and a consequent fail in satisfying our customers’ needs.

Crowdsourcing: the social media allow us to communicate with thousands of individual people all over the world. This possibility can be used to get different services from these people. If the company needs something from an outer agent, we can ask by these media.

This will also have two different advantages. First we will get in touch with so many people that will know about our company. Second we will save resources looking for candidates as long as the number of people willing to help will be enormous.

Differentiate your metrics: when we come to talk about metrics in a business we usually think about numbers and money. This is not the case at all. There are different kind of things that can be measured, from customers’ behavior to employees’ behavior.

Answer speed in clients’ requests; satisfaction in clients and employees; the growing needs of the company in the environment if businesses. All can be measured using technology.

So, technology is here and it will certainly stay here. Business cannot avoid this reality and we all need to be prepared to face new challenges every day.

By learning and applying small tips each day, we will be able to stay within the energy lines that are giving form to businesses today.

- dexon

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