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The Industrial Internet Insights Report for 2015, by General Electric and Accenture, showed that a really large part of executives and companies’ leaders have as their goal for the following years the implementation of data analytics solutions (Big Data solutions), for maintaining their businesses in a privileged place in the market, and for maintaining their timer actualized with the fast movement of market, and their investors interested in the company’s development.

However, there are still some difficulties that keep leaders in considerations on how to go on with the implementations in a way that makes them successful in their businesses’ organization. These difficulties are, of course, actual challenges which can be overcome.

By this effort they can attain success in implementations and also get their organization in head of the world dynamics. In the study this question is asked: are companies ready for more predictive and innovative kinds of value-creating solutions? The answer is: ‘mostly “Not yet”, but they are actively positioning themselves for such solutions’.

65 per cent of companies are actually focused in monitoring, which is used to optimize the equipment maintenance; 58 per cent have solutions for the connection between equipment and for the collection of information, by this they gain some insights in the development of processes; only 40 per cent can predict from information, and a 36 per cent can optimize the total functioning of their processes using these solutions.

The survey concludes establishing that ‘connecting, monitoring and analyzing are necessary precursors to development of predictive models and optimization capabilities’. This means that even if there are difficulties, there are also strengths that can be used for the future development.

Difficulties and challenges are thus located in the finest aspect of the information analysis, and not just in the solution implementations, which can be, at first, relatively easy. Difficulties are mainly within the dynamics that relate the collected information, and within the ways in which the people involved can adapt to work with these new dynamics. We mention some of these challenges that today’s companies face:

– Barriers between different departments, and the differences in the systems used by each one.

– 29 per cent of the respondents said, similarly, that one of the most important difficulties they consider is that of consolidating all the stored information for its further use in decisions that gain value for the company.

– Finally the survey points out that one of the most common objections in the face of software solution implementations, is that related with the security of information and the risks that has managing all the information by this kind of systems.

From all this, it is evident that the actual market advantages are stronger than its weaknesses in order to implement Big Data solutions. Weaknesses are really related with structural and company’s culture aspects, but all this can be challenged and transformed though innovation and trust.

- dexon

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