The extended use of technology in business makes important to know how to deal correctly with it and not get lost in the diversity of details that come with all the different technological features that are available for us today.

There is a list of common mistakes that managers make day by day in their businesses. These usually come from a disinformation that they have in their minds because a lack of knowledge or simply because technology is changing in a so fast way that it is really difficult to be on hand with it.

  1. Missing training courses: the manager must be the most prepared person in relation with technology. Often managers do not attend to the technical trainings thinking that it is just for the IT team or the engineers. This is an important mistake that will make you fail with the strategy you must design for the use of the technology in your particular business.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t really get the various details of the tools. You need to get a big idea on how it can be used and what you can ask to it.

  1. Protection: no matter how big is your business, you need to stablish a clear strategy for the protection of your data.

Usually, when a company is small, managers tend to believe that the security is not important. But in fact there are plenty of people that can use your information for incorrect purposes.

So please look for a solid system for the protection of the information. You may use encryption tools and ways of putting the information into different data storages for also trying not to lose a single bit of it.

  1. The importance of social media: these days, no company can escape the influence of social media. Even if you don’t want to put the complete interest in these media, you need to stablish strategies for getting some presence there.

You have to be able to answer the questions that your clients can make you through social channels. You need to be able to show a good face of your business and to maintain an actualized information flowing there. No matter what is the area of your business, social media is a basic communication channel right now, and any customer can be attained using this technology.

  1. Analytics: this is the era of Big Data. You need to have Big Data tools in your company. You must be able to analyze data and get clear information on your company’s state for making the right decisions. Otherwise, you will lose in some way by failing to act correctly at the right time.

You may need to look for the way of including into the analysis all the information coming from the social media channels. This is important as much of the important information about clients will come from there.

There is also another important feature to be known: many analytics tools also can get you a complete system for the data protection.

- dexon

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