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Technology is already changing healthcare, and the perspectives for the future are clearly amazing. We can certainly hope to see machines that can cure us from different diseases in matter of minutes, just by seeing where are the deficiencies and repairing them.

This is possible because the actual technology is there assuming the challenge of transforming and transcending the limits of our physical bodies and the way we comprehend how the process of getting old and sick takes place. Recently researchers from different universities have been surprising us with amazing discoveries.

Perhaps one of the most amazing is the 3D printing machines that are learning how to produce living human tissue. It is true that it is no completely developed, but the basis for the growing of this technology are already there and it will probably grow with no difficulties.

This technology will make possible to reproduce any human organ and ‘install’ it in human working body. Imagine that you can repair any tissue in your body anytime you want. This means that no injury will cost a life anymore in the future, and that you will be able to replace old organs for new ones.

One question we may ask is how these organs can be placed in our bodies. Well, the nanotechnology is the answer. The researches in this field of technology are also outstanding: microscopic robots able to perform tiny operations such as the replacement of an organ are being developed.

These robots will be able to do some other important tasks: they will be able to clean the water, purify the air, and of course, they will be able to clean and modify bad conditions inside us, as the renovation of a tissue, the accommodation of a damaged bone, or the retirement of a microorganism.

The control of substances in our system is also important. Technologies coming from wearables and smartwatches are able to measure the quantities of sugar, hormones, and other substances. This technology can also put the missing substance in us: if you are missing some quantity of sugar, then you will be able to put the exact quantity.

The utilization of these devices will make also possible to learn about the causes and functioning of difficult diseases, such as cancer, Parkinson, or Alzheimer disease. Researcher will use the data produced from those devices for learning.

With the capabilities of Big Data and related technologies we will discover hidden patterns in the information that will uncover important behaviors of the human body. With all this knowledge we will assume our lives in a completely different way, and the quality of our lives will also grow higher.

So, have you seen any science fiction movie recently? One with futuristic technology? Well those amazing features you might have seen there are not far from us right now. We can certainly wait for a close development of incredible technological adventures.

- dexon

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