DEXON is a distributed ledger technology designed to solve the problems inherent in other blockchain systems. It provides high scalability, fast finality, and top-notch security while maintaining all the key features we love from existing blockchain systems.

DEXON Technology

Unbiased Randomness

DEXON’s on-chain randomness enables a more secure smart contract environment, making the randomness property in the smart contract impossible to be predicted and manipulated.

High Throughput

The DEXON Consensus Algorithm can process 10K+ transactions per second in a single shard, outperforming other popular blockchain systems.

Fast Finality

The DEXON Consensus Algorithm outperforms other popular blockchain systems as it can confirm transactions within 1 second, allowing developers to create DApps with the best user experience on DEXON.

Fully Decentralized

DEXON can scale to thousands of nodes without compromising security and speed. Current PoS blockchain systems pale in comparison with merely dozens of nodes.

Ultra Secure

The DEXON Consensus Algorithm is one of the very few algorithms that has been mathematically proven to be secure, preventing the DEXON network from being attacked by Byzantine nodes.

Low Transaction Fee

The DEXON Consensus Algorithm is efficient and does not require its network to waste energy on solving PoW puzzles. The transaction fees will thus be negligible and lower than 0.001 USD.

Tech Support

DApp Development Guide

A simple, easy, and complete guide for all beginner-level DApp developers who want to develop their first DApp using DEXON technology.

Get Onboard

Tools and Libraries

Here's a list of tools and libraries for developing DApps on the DEXON blockchain platform, including DEXONSCAN, Remix, Truffle, Ganache, sol-tools, dsolidity, dsolc-js, web3.js, and Mobile SDK.

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DEXON Bounty Program

Be part of the DEXON ecosystem and earn up to 6 million DXN.

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