Earn up to USD $1000 equivalent of DXN for each qualified tools built on DEXON

Developers Must Provide

  • Source code for the tool created.
  • Design or Technical documentation.
  • Developer’s information.
  • DEXON Wallet address.
  • All other relevant materials of your tool submitted.


  • Your tool must be directly related to DEXON or its related services.
  • Your tool must be live and deployed on DEXON at the time of review.
  • Your tool must function as stated in your design documentation.
  • To be eligible for the rewards, your tool must be deployed on DEXON Mainnet.
  • Should your tool be selected for publishing, we will provide a reward of between USD $50-1000 equivalent of DXN as a coin of our appreciation.


    .NET DEXON Library
    USD $300 equivalent of DXN
    Add DEXON Support to Existing Wallets
    USD $100-200 equivalent of DXN for each wallet integrated


  • DEXON foundation will review your article(s) submitted within 14 working days after submission. After reviewing your submission, we will send you a confirmation letter. If you have not received the confirmation mail, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • DEXON Foundation reserves the right to cancel any award(s) provided if the submission infringes or constitutes a misappropriation of any right of any third party.
  • Your participation in this program and your work submission means that you grant DEXON Foundation a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right and license to use the work, your name, for purposes in connection with promoting the DEXON Bounty Program and DEXON Network to a reasonable extent. DEXON Foundation will be the aforementioned information in a manner that will not harm or disparage your reputation.
  • DEXON Foundation reserves the right to update the terms, rewards and rules in connection with the DEXON Bounty Program at any time without giving prior notice to you.
  • All rewards will be paid in DEXON coin (DXN). The exchange rate between DXN and United States Dollar will be determined by DEXON Foundation according to the prevailing market conditions.