# Blockchain Researcher (MS-PhD candidate or experienced researchers welcome)


  • Dissemination, internally and externally, of the results of all related activities including but not limited to publications, patents, and seminars, and representing DEXON at professional meetings, in professional organizations, and universities.
  • Provide technical planning and support for initial blockchain product development.


  • Passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.
  • PhD in computer science.
  • A background or research record related to one or more of the following:

    • Distributed systems and large-scale web applications.
    • Performance modeling and analysis with focus on scalability.
    • Cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/private key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures.
  • Blockchain technology and other distributed systems.
  • P2P networking.
  • Cryptographic principles.
  • Distributed consensus methodologies (Raft, Mining, PoS, Paxos, etc.).


*Remote work available



# ENGINEERING - Blockchain Developer


  • Interchain development.

Skills Required:

  • Golang, C/C++, or Python.
  • Knowledge of blockchain and interchain.
  • 2 or more years of back end experience.


*Remote work available