DEXON Teleport
The inter-chain transaction solution for the decentralized world
DEXON Teleport is a cross-blockchain transaction service launched officially by DEXON foundation. It is used to move multiple cryptocurrencies into and out of the DEXON blockchain.
How It Works
When the user sends a cryptocurrency via Teleport to a DEXON wallet, the recipient's wallet is credited with a DEXON coin, which is backed 1:1 by the real cryptocurrency. Users can always withdraw their assets back by the same operation in reverse.
Develop with Teleport
Support cross-chain trade
Use DEXON Teleport to build your own decentralized exchange or other cross-chain services or platforms.
Accelerate the transaction
Stuck on a slow blockchain? DEXON Teleport lets you enjoy fast trades between cryptocurrencies when moving assets into DEXON.
It’s time to Teleport!
Email us to make your token transfer via Teleport. DEXON Teleport can support any ERC20 and EOS token.