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What Is DEXON?

DEXON is the latest distributed ledger technology that solves the “trilemma” of current blockchain technology: decentralization, security, and scalability.

It provides the ultimate solution for hosting industry-level DApps that can serve 1B+ user in real world scenarios, such as IoT, smart payments, gaming, music, and assets exchange services.

DEXON is capable of processing 1M+ TPS with transaction confirmation finality of 1 second. Moreover, the DEXON consensus algorithm is mathematically proven to be secure while being Byzantine fault tolerant.

DEXON is currently backed by global top-tier venture capitals such as IDG Capital. As a strategic partner, IDG Capital has led the first round of $20M USD investment in DEXON.

Key Benefits

High Scalability
Fast Finality
Low Transaction Fees
Safe and Secure
Fully Decentralized
DDoS Attack Resilient


DEXON tackles the infamous “trilemma” of the existing blockchain systems — decentralization, security, scalability — with cross-cutting, interdisciplinary elements from cryptography, applied mathematics, and computer science theories.

Decentralization - Fair Cryptographic Sortition

All the users with enough DXN can be validators and join the DEXON network. Every hour, a small set of validators, called the notary set, is selected fairly to propose and verify the blocks. All the validators have equal probability to be chosen through cryptographic sortition. This mechanism allows DEXON to perform with high efficiency, while supporting thousands of validators joining the network, at the same time.

Security - Partition-Resilient Byzantine Agreement

The security of DEXON is guaranteed by our “partition-resilient Byzantine agreement.” With Byzantine agreement, our protocol achieves safety and liveness of the network. Even if the network gets disconnected (e.g. cable is broken or cloud services shut down), the safety of the consensus still holds and DEXON will operate normally once the network recovers, which we call “partition-resilient.”

Scalability - Responsive Byzantine Agreement

Our “Responsive Byzantine Agreement“ reaches fast finality, which already allows DEXON to support 10k transactions per second in testnet. In DEXON, the validators interact with each other as soon as the messages arrive so that the block confirmation time only depends on the actual network delay instead of any predetermined time bound.



DEXON possess high throughput, low finality, and high level of network partition tolerance. DEXON is a high-performance and reliable network that can be used to a broad range of applications.


Vast numbers of stakeholders can join the DEXON consensus algorithm, avoiding a minority-controlled network. It solves miner centralization issues because everyone has an equal chance to propose blocks. It’s fairer for each stakeholder to benefit from, and contribute to, the network.


DEXON provides the most developer-friendly programming languages, such as EVM and SQLVM, for developers of all level to build their own Decentralized Applications (DApps) and prove their concepts with ease.

Application Scenarios

Due to DEXON’s highly scalable, fast finality, and Byzantine fault tolerant properties, it is feasible for any high-throughput applications to integrate decentralized ledger technology into their platform.

Possible application scenarios include:

Supply chain
Identity verification
Payment Network & Stable Coins
Digital Assets Exchange
Prediction Markets & Online Gaming
P2P Marketplace & Virtual Item Trading